Week #100

Erik coming home on Tuesday Oct 29th, 2013 @ 13:09 YEAH !!!

By Robert Suranyi

Week #99

Erik’s Birthday Week. No email just a Pictures saying he will b e home soon.

By Robert Suranyi

Week #98

I am so excited to go to the temple.
I think Saturday with the youth would be so great!!!!
Thanks for signing me up!!!!!

It definitely doesn’t feel like the end of my mission.
I still feel like I am a new missionary and I am serving as always.
I think one of the things that is helping the most is the knowledge that this not the end of my mission. This is just the beginning. My mission has prepared me for life. There is tons of work to be done. I won’t stop being a missionary. I will keep on going. Keep on progressing. Being a disciple of Christ is not a two year thing, this is forever. So I know that I still have a long way to go and tons and tons of people to serve.

The Saviour is the best example of this.
After the Saviour completed His Mission and accomplished the Atonement, he did not take a break. He had just accomplished the most painful and most difficult experience ever. If anyone deserved a break, it was Him, but after he completed the Atonement, we know that He continued to serve. Instead of taking a break, He continued to serve in the spirit world to bring liberty to the captive.

What an amazing example. I am close to completing my mission but I will never be done with following the Saviour and doing my best to serve like Him.

We had a crazy adventure on the way to Zone Conference this week. The bus driving taking us from one train station to the next did not stop at the main stop. We thought he was going to a different stop at the train station but he never did, so we missed our connection. On the way home two days later, the train we were going to take to the airport broke down. We were super super scared we were going to miss our flight. We were told to hop on another train but It was about 15 minutes late and was just sitting in the train station. We were pretty stressed but we made it with 5 minutes to spare before the airplane gates opened. On one of the trains back to Corsica, I had a really fun and long conversation with the man sitting next to me. It is really fun to be able to have a long conversation with someone and share what is most important to me. We talked a lot about families and life. I was able to tell him how awesome my family is and why it is so awesome as well.

During Zone Conference, we sang our Mission theme song “Les Anges Dans nos Campagnes” which is the french words to “angels we have heard on high” We sing our mission theme song at every Zone Conference, all year round.”It isn’t a Christmas song, it is a song about the Saviour.” says President. This was my last Zone Conference and Elder Johnson, started crying pretty hard and seeing him crying made me cry and we had a nice heart warming moment together. I must say that I feel extremely loved. I feel so much love from everyone, especially other missionaries. I am so grateful for that. I am greatly blessed.

We are now teaching one of our amis by SKYPE because he lives on the other side of the island now. It actually works really really well. He is making so much progress, it is incredible. We have the most amazing amis ever.

We continue to do FHE with our miracle lady and her family. This week a friend of theirs asked if they were free on Friday night and the kids said “no!!! that is when we have family home evening with the missionaries!!!!!” How awesome is that. I was pretty touched to hear about that.

Well I love you all loads,
See you all very soon

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi

Week #97

We are greatly blessed,

We are seeing so many miracles with our amis.

Our ami without a Christian background has completely changed this week.
He understands everything now and it all makes sense to him.
I think that angels have been whispering in his ear in between our lessons.
He has began to love the Book of Mormon and he is eating it up.
He told us this “I am having a lot of hard things right now but it is so bizarre because I feel so happy.” “It’s weird, I feel so happy.”
He has completely changed. We taught him that one of the promises we make when we are baptised is to serve others. Well this week he has been serving everyone and with a big smile. It is really amazing to see his life changing. He is filled with joy and confidence now.

Our “miracle lady” continues to be the most wonderful experience ever. She has so much faith it is incredible. She is such a miracle. We wanted to prepare her for conference so we showed her a picture of President Monson. She told us “I know him. I have seen him in a dream before I met you” ” He helped me.” It is just so amazing!!!! Every single visit she keeps on flooring us by how prepared she is and how much a miracle she is. We did another family home evening with the family and her son told me he wants to stop smoking. I told him that we could pray together so he could stop. He said “I know if I pray with faith, I can do it”. Our “miracle lady” is super excited about the temple. She wants to do temple work for her family. She was like, “I had always wondered about that in the bible, it is so clear now.” She is really excited about her baptism. She loved General Conference as well.

We are seeing a lot of sincere progress in another one of our amis.
We can see that she is making a sincere effort to be humble.
It is just wonderful to see our prayers being answered.

We are going to my last Zone Conference this week.
It is going to be wonderful to be reunited with other missionaries.

Elder Johnson is an angel and we are having a blast together.

Love you all loads

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi

Week #96


So things are going really well here in Corsica.
I have the coolest companion and I love him to bits.
We are having a great time teaching all our amis.
We are really being blessed at this moment.

We got to do a family home evening with the miracle ladies family and it was just so incredible. We see the kids getting more and more interested.
They told us that their mom is a lot happier now and has more energy.
They noted a change in her since she has started to learn about the restored Gospel. She loves church. She says she feels like she is at home. She feels like she is part of the family. She is so excited about learning all about the restored Gospel. She understand everything and we can see the spirit teaching her during lessons. It is really cool because sometimes I tell myself stop talking because I can see that the spirit is working and there needs to be silence. She then will start talking and she starts to learn things on her own, it is really really cool. The members are all floored by her. One member said “It feels like she is already a member.” It is such a wonderful experience to teach someone so prepared. I feel no stress about preparing lessons or answering her questions because she is so receptive to the spirit. I feel like we are doing nothing at all and it is all her and the Lord. The Book of Mormon is playing a huge role as well. She knows the Bible inside and out and has a profound love for the Bible. She tells us that as she reads the Book of Mormon, she feels the same spirit she feels as she reads the Bible. She finds the answers to her questions as she reads. She will often say things like “I have always felt that this principle was true, I just somehow knew it.” As we teach her the restored Gospel we can see that it has a familiar tune to her. Her “amnesia” if you will, seems to be fading away. Needless to say, each day is a miracle with her.

We are having great progress with our other amis as well.
We are teaching a man who does not have a Christian background at all.
He says he is feeling a lot happier since he has started learning and living the principles. We have noticed a change in him as well.

This week we had 4 amis at church and It just made me feel so happy to see our amis there.

Contacting is super super fun with Elder Johnson.
We walk around with the biggest smiles on our faces and we give compliments to everyone. It is super super fun to see almost everyone walk away from speaking with us, with a smile on their face, whether they were interested or not. It is probably because my companion is a stud and has the most dazzling smile you have ever seen.

Cool news.
Elder Johnson’s sister is serving her mission in the……………………………..
Vancouver Canada Mission.
A.K.A His sister is serving chez-nous (in our home mission)
We joke about her being called to serve in our ward and that would be too cool.

Well you would have to be the coolest family ever.
I love you

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi