Week #1

Time with our missionary families is always lovely. The Miles’ picked me up from the airport and we journeyed to have dinner. I was dropped off at the Seegmiller’s where I received even more food and an awesome hand signed laundry bag. Each child wrote their name on the bag and it also has a scripture on it, Isaiah 1:16 “wash you, make you clean”. It is a pretty fitting scripture for a laundry bag. We spent the night talking and discussing missionary work. In the morning we had family scripture study and Payton was leading the study. I ate breakfast and had the opportunity to attend the Timpanogus Temple before entering the MTC. The Temple in Pleasant Grove is gorgeous. The windows have little squares of stained glass and it was just beautiful to sit in such a beautiful place. Bobby, Greg and I went for sushi before I entered the MTC. They dropped me off at the MTC and we parted with warm hugs and smiles.

The MTC is a place of hard work. Pretty much every second of every day is jammed packed. We shower, brush our teeth, get dressed, run to class, run to breakfast, run to personal study time, have our second class, run to get changed into gym cloths, run to the gym, run in the gym (I have been playing volley ball), run to get changed again, run to companionship study, run to lunch, run to our district meetings, meet with our zone leaders, meet with our branch presidents, run to dinner, run to our service project, scrub bathtubs and spray each other with water, take goofy picture with cleaning supplies and cleaning goggles, brush our teeth, write in our journals, say many a prayers throughout the day, make plans for the next day, nigh time prayer and then we finally get to sleep.

I have been called as A District Leader. I am responsible for the Elders and Sisters in my District. I pick up their mail for them. Hold weekly interviews to make sure everything is going well with them. Write reports to the branch president. Attend leadership training and meetings to discuss the needs of our missionaries. I am expected to set a good example for the missionaries in my District and make sure they are succeeding as missionaries. At times I get a little overwhelmed because I am not always the best leader but I am trying to improve.

My companions name is Elder Guzam. He is from Mexico and is serving in Provo Utah. He is serving in Spanish and English. We are together 24/7. He has a wonderful heart and is very social. He talks to pretty much everyone which is wonderful. We are the only Elders in our district. The rest of our district is all Sister missionaries. They also have wonderful hearts. We try our best to do everything together as a district so we can be unified.

Our teachers are Brother Matthews and Sister Pacanos. They are wonderful and their lessons get me so excited to go out and teach. I bet they were great missionaries when they were serving. Everyone here is lovely and kind. We work hard and have a bit of fun as well.

I bump into Krystal everyday during meal times. She is doing amazing. She is beaming out of the ears. She is going to be an amazing missionary.

Love you all. no time left

By Robert Suranyi