Week #2

Thank you so much for your emails. I had to hold back the tears as I read because I feel like the stripling warriors who did not doubt because of their mothers. In other words “I Elder Ioannidis having been born of goodly parents….”. I appreciate you sharing your spiritual experiences with me and I grateful for the blessings Heavenly Father is blessing you with. I know your service and love for others will bless many lives, including your own.

Thanks for sharing what is happening in the ward and with the youth. It is always nice to hear funny stories and hear about my ward family. I have been and am extremely blessed to have been raised by a ward family as well. I have always felt loved and cared for in our Ward, Stake and church. I have small experiences which remind of the blessed and happy lives the saints live. In the Provo Temple early this morning I watched an older temple worker smiling and talking with people he had never met. Watching him I became a little chocked up because he was beaming. I could feel how happy he was and how much he loved these strangers from across the room. He reminded me of the savior. It doesn’t matter where I am, there are always people who share this kind of love to everyone.

Dad wanted some answers to some questions so here I go.

Sundays- we attend church as a branch which is made of many districts. (say 5 districts, each with 10 missionaries).
We have priesthood meeting and relief society for the sisters. We have interviews with the Branch Presidency, personal study time, MTC choir, meals, Temple walks (walk around the temple and take pictures with missionaries), and we have firesides every Sunday with all the missionaries. At every fireside and devotional the MTC choir sings or there is a special number. We have had cello and piano duets, an Opera singer, piano solos and much more. I have auditioned to sing a solo but didn’t have a piano player. They asked me to audition again with a piano player. During Sunday evening we watch church movies, conference talks, Old MTC devotionals and a variety of other media presentations.

This week I have been called as a Zone Leader. My Companion is now the District Leader. As a Zone Leader I work with the Branch Presidency to take care of all the missionaries in my Branch. There are 40+ Missionaries in my Branch but 3 districts are leaving this week so we will be left with tops 20 missionaries. I am super excited because I am in charge of welcoming the new missionaries that are coming in this week and teaching them all they need to know before they get studying. There is other things that I am responsible for as a Zone Leader but I am running out of time to explain it all.

Love you all,

By Robert Suranyi