Week #10

Dear Friends,

I love the Elders that live in our apartment. We just have a blast all the time. We work hard but during morning work outs, lunch and dinner, we just are 4 goof balls. We just love life and are always singing. I cannot explain how awesome it is to live with 3 other missionaries who are hard working and awesome people. When the four of us sing together it is just wonderful. Elder Wahlquist is wonderful and is always doing something to serve one of the other elders. I have followed suit and we do little things like fold the other companionship’s clothes, make their beds when they are to busy to do so, wash the dishes for everyone and make meals for everyone. They are our Zone Leaders and have a lot to do so we try to do little things to help them out.

I love getting up at 6:10 everyday and working out. I love eating a healthy breakfast (I eat like a tank) and then doing our studies for the day. I have had some super spiritual personal and companionship studies this week. I love having that time to myself to read the Book of Mormon and feel the spirit fill me with you. I love my language study as well. It is always super gratifying when you are doing a work book and are getting the answers right. Maybe that is one of the reasons I love math so much. I had a funny thought today. Every Monday we clean our apartment. I was thinking, where else would you find 4 young guys cleaning their apartment at 6:30 in the morning? I think it is so awesome how we have such purpose and drive. We really live life to its fullest and always serving others. We have super awesome experiences talking with everyone everywhere. We meet some of the nicest people and have the opportunity to teach them and become their friends. I love seeing the smile on the faces of our Amis as they open the door to invite us in. They do not want us to leave at the end of our visit. We as missionaries know that when we visit them we invite the spirit into their homes. I am not sure how many of our amis recognize it as that but they usually wish we would stay longer.

I love Elder Wahlquist. I love talking about gospel subjects with him and serving with him. I love doing things for other people with him. The other day he was backing me up (missionary rule when we drive in reverse) and he got backed up into a bush. I continued to drive backwards and he pretended like he was getting squished between the car and bush. I laughed so hard as he made the funniest faces. We do really silly things like that all the time. Anyone that knows me, knows that I really like hugs and playing with people arms. Elder Wahlquist is super lucky because everyday, many times a day, I attack him with hugs and play with his arms (I do not know how to explain this but if I have ever played with your arm you know what it is).

I gotta go
Love you all,

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi