Week #12

You guys are awesome.

Elder Wahlquist and I are contacting machines.
We talk to pretty much everyone.
When I started here in Toulouse contacting was hard, especially in the a Metro car.
Now we contact all the time everywhere, even when it is super awkward.
I love that! I love being scared to do something and then I just do it.
Now it is weird not to talk to someone if I pass by them or spot them.

We meet so many cool people, it is awesome.
I had a super awesome experience last week when I just started talking to a guy walking down the street.
We talked for a bit and I explained the restoration to him.
He said that it made sense that a restoration would be necessary.
I presented the book of Mormon to him and explained it was the evidence of this restoration.
I explained to him what it was and what it contained.
I then had him read the invitation in the 2nd last paragraph of the introduction.
I testified that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, Joseph Smith was a true prophet and that
the Book of Mormon testifies of our savior Jesus Christ.
I then explained that he could know for himself too.
I explained he could read the book of Mormon and then ask God if it is true.
If he earnestly sought for an answer with real intent, the holy ghost would let him know of its truthfulness.
It was an awesome contact.
He accepted the invitation and said that what I had explained made sense to him.
He is from Spain and I invited him to meet with missionaries when he got back home.

I love giving this wonderful Book to others and express my testimony of it.
I love explaining to people that they do not have to take my word for it and just believe me, but that they can ask God themselves.

We are trying to work more with the members here and we as missionaries gave the lesson for the joint Relief Society and Priesthood class.
We talked about why we did missionary work and how we could help our members do missionary work.
It was wonderful and many members expressed their ideas and their concerns.
After church we already noticed a difference.
One of our members invited one of our families we are teaching over for dinner.
We made at least 3 dinner appointments and are going to teach one of our Amis at a members home tomorrow.
We hope that this will change the way missionaries and members work together, as well as strengthen the ward.

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi