Week #14

Start out with some funny things that happened this week.

We were knocking on some doors trying to find an awesome family to teach.
An old man opened the door and walked down the pathway to the gate where we were standing.
He asked what he could do for us.
We said we were there to share a message about the importance of families, how to strengthen them and their eternal possibility.
He instantly replied “oooplaaah” as he waved us off and walked back up his pathway.
I love hearing people make up random, awesome words when they are not interested.
I am not sure if this is funny to you but to me the way he said it and his expression was priceless.

Another day we were also knocking on doors trying to find an awesome family to teach.
A lady opened up the window and said “C’est qui?” (who is it?)
I replied “Bon Soir!!!!!” (Good evening)
She told us to hold on a minute and said “He is coming”
Turns out she thought I said “François” not “Bon Soir”
The man walked up to us and was like “Who’s François?”
It was awesome and funny to me.
Again not sure if this is funny to you but it was awesome for me.

It is still pretty cold here in France. Normally around -5 most days.
I am glad I have my super awesome Gloverall coat to keep me warm.
I gave out two Book of Mormons out this week while talking to people on the street and metro.
It is always a super awesome feeling to do so and share my personal testimony with them.
I love just talking to everyone. We find some super awesome people.

Elder Wahlquist is being transferred to another ville.
We worked really well together and always had a good time.
We got really comfortable with one another and we laugh all the time.
He is really loved by everyone around him, especially the members and amis.
My new companion is Elder Snickers, like the chocolate bar.
He is from Quebec.
I am going to meet him for the first time today.
I am excited to learn new things and grow in new ways because I know Heavenly Father has something for me to learn from this Elder.

Oh by the way, I ate Raclette three times this week. It is a french cheese fondue. You melt cheese and pour it on top of meat and potatoes.
It was pretty funny how pretty much everyone made that for us this week, including us Elders in our apartment.

Oh and I gained a lot of weight.

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi