Week #15

Thank you so much for your emails, all of them.

Elder Snickers is awesome.
He is from Quebec and we speak french pretty much all the time.
He seems very quiet and shy but really he is the biggest goofball ever.
He pretty much makes me laugh all the time.
He has shown me different ways to do missionary work and we have seen miracles already.

We have been doing something a bit different this week.
We have been looking through binders and binders of people who were taught in the past and for one reason or another stopped.
We write down where they live on post-it notes and hit the streets.
The mission took away two cars this week (not sure why) and we were chosen to be the city to lose our car so we walk everywhere.
Finding all these former investigators is kinda like an adventure. We have our map and we have to find where each of them lives.
The miracle is that we found pretty much every single one, even if at first we thought we couldn’t find it.
We already made two appointments for this week, with people who were taught 5 years ago.

This Sunday at church was great. A young man named Jean asked the bishop if he could give a talk. He is super animated, funny and sincere. It was such an awesome talk and a great example for everyone. I was grinning from ear to ear as he spoke.

Love you loads,

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi