Week #16

Bonjour ma famille,

Thank you for all your wonderful emails as always.
You are the best!!!!!

Krystal, I am so happy as always that you are having the most amazing experiences and feeling love for those around you. I wish I could see your smiling face and hear your witty jokes all the times. You are a very very special person and I love you.

Mom and Dad, I am grateful for your hard work and your dedication to Krystal and I.
This week at church the talks were centered around seminary.
I am so grateful that you would wake me up early in the morning and drive me to seminary.
There is always a quote that I think of from a BYU devotional that I listened to before my mission.
The speaker talks about how he was raised by a single mother and how wonderfully she took care of their family.
He then becomes a father and ask his mother how she raised their family as a single parent.
He asked how she knew what to do to have a strong family full of love.
His reply to her son is the one I repeat many times to myself.
She told him that she really had no idea at all what she should do as a single parent.
She said that all she did was follow the plan that Heavenly Father presented for families. (family prayer, family scripture study, family home evening once a week, serving together as a family, attending church together, eating together………)
I am so grateful for your dedication to Krystal and I and making sacrifices for us.
I am grateful that we attended church together and rarely, rarely missing a Sunday.
I am grateful for how our family would always be giving service together, staying up into the wee hours of the night to wash dishes or clean the cultural halls of church and other events.
I really do believe that it is all these simple things that we do regularly which have the most impact on the strength and love of a family. I believe that it is daily family prayer, family home evening and all the simple things Heavenly Father invites us to do that will make our homes and families full of happiness and love.

As the scripture says “by small and simple means are great things brought to pass”.


Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi