Week #18


I am so glad you two are going off on a lovely vacation, that is so awesome.
I do pray for you everyday my dearest parents but I start with Krystal first.

Krystal It is absolutely incredible to hear how much you are loving your mission.
Keep on going strong, you are amazing.

Elder Snickers and I work well together. He makes me laugh a lot and we teach well together.
He has a very good understanding of the gospel and whips out scriptures all the time to answer peoples questions.
I like how we both cry. We will be watching a church movie with an amis and at the end we will both have tears running down our faces.

There have been many baptisms in Toulouse the last few weeks. It is always amazing to attend baptisms and feel the spirit that is there.
We have a young adult center here which is awesome place to teach and bring new amis to hang out with members their age.
It is such a great blessing for people who are interested in the church and are a young adult age.

Something that happened this week which was a tiny bit sad was we passed over one of our awesome amis to the sister missionaries.
We taught this awesome amie two times and realized she didn’t live in our church boundaries but in the other sector.
It is sad because she was super super cool. At the same time it is all good because we know the sister missionaries are awesome.
She came to the rendez-vous with two pages of notes that she took about what she read. She said “I had a question but I found the answer a few chapters later”.
It was seriously amazing. I have never had anyone show up to a rendez-vous with written notes and questions which they found their own answers too.

We had 3 amis at church this week, which is incredible. One of our amis has two little kids who love primary. Her son always asks to go to our church on Sunday.

I love you all loads,

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi