Week #24

Hello my wonderful family and friends,

It is great to hear from you all and to know you are all doing swimmingly.

Over the last 2 weeks there has been a miracle brewing which was harvested yesterday.
Our 2nd day here in Saint-Etienne, Elder Russo contacted a man and gave him a Book of Mormon.
I wrote down his number and address and tried phoning him.
Turns out the number didn’t work, probably a fake number, so we planned on passing by his apartment.
We passed by his apartment a few weeks later.
We couldn’t find his name on the intercom system, so we ended up buzzing everybody.
The last person I buzzed we didn’t get an answer so I started to walk away.
As we were walking away I hear a “Bonjour?”
I jumped back to the intercom and asked if Alberto was there.
It was Alberto’s kid, who then called him to talk with me over the intercom system.
Turns out I wrote down his phone number wrong when he gave it to us a few weeks early.
I thought he wasn’t interested because of the fake number but it turns out I wrote it down wrong.
He gave me the number again and I called him back a few days later and invited him to church.
He came to church and absolutely loved it.
He said “So, same time next week?”
We fixed a rendez-vous (appointment) with him for this week and he is super happy to meet with us.
He explained how grateful he was for us helping him to set foot in a church again.
I am grateful for this miracle that really shows that Heavenly Father is aware of his children.
I was given a second chance to find this person after I had made a human error in taking his number down wrong.
I even thought that he may have given me a fake number but we still ended up passing his house.
They answered just as we were walking away.
Super super awesome miracle!!!!!!!

I haven’t been speaking as much French as I would like to but I know if I make an effort I can change that.
My reading and comprehension is going very well. I do my personal study of the scriptures and other materials in French as well.

I love you lots,

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi