Week #25

Hi Everyone,

This week we did service at a members home.
He is completly renovating his home.
We were up in his attic cleaning up all the junk and all the fiber glass insolation.
He didn’t have gloves so we put ziplock bags over our hands.
Luckly we had face masks because it was disgustingly dirty.
They also have a bunch of chickens.
They put a chicken on my shoulder and put food on the top of my head.
The chicken would eat the food off my head and shoulder.
It was pretty funny until the chicken pecked me in the face.
Actually it was even funnier when the chicken pecked me in the face.

I did a lot of translating from french to english at church this week.
It kinda gives me a head ache but I know it is a service.
During sacrament meeting though it didn’t bother me.
I felt the spirit and it helped me to stay calm while translating

Love you all

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi