Week #27

Hello dearies,

It was super lovely to get to Skype with you yesterday on mommies day.
The computer I was using had a bunch of bugs but somehow it still worked.

Things are really going well for Elder Overstreet and I.
We are working really well together.
We had 6 non-members at church this week which is always lovely.
Our Gospel principles class is getting so big and full that we have to change class rooms, but we are very happy to do so.
We also had a potluck lunch after church, which is always good.

I bought a new pair of shoes today.
It was about time that I got a new pair because I already went through the 2 shoes I started my mission with.
You get holes on the bottom of shoes really fast and the seems start falling apart as well.
I feel like my feet are indestructible now from all the calluses.

Elder Overstreet and I have been really improving our teaching.
It all starts with planning.
We plan what we are going to teach the night before.
Then during our morning personal studies we find scriptures, come up with questions to ask and think of personal experiences to share.
We then have companionship study and create a lesson mixing in what we both studied during personal study.
and, Voilà, that is how we prepare a lesson.

Love you all,

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi