Week #28


Here in Saint-Etienne, we are being very blessed with many non-members attending church.
We also have the most wonderful members who welcome everyone and make sacrifices to drive people to church.
This week we took a bus for 30 minutes to go visit one of our amis.
He wasn’t there and did not inform us that he would not be at our appointment.
I was a bit frustrated by this but tried my best to stay positive and think of things we could do for the next hour and a half.
We made some phone calls to try and visit people in the same area but had no success.
We decided to try a visit a less active family that we knew lived in the area.
We just dropped by and the father and son were home.
We talked to the father who mainly speaks Spanish and he explained to us that he is done with churches.
We didn’t really understand why but he told us to talk to his son.
We talked to his 14 year old son for a bit and invited him to attend church.
He said he wanted to, and we arranged for a family to pick him up to take him to church.
He attended church this Sunday and seemed to well integrated with the boys his age.
I really think that this young boy needs the blessings of the gospel in his life.
I honestly can say that the young men’s program and for the strength of youth mold these boys into men.

This week we help a member move an hour and a half out of Saint-Etienne. We started early in the morning with a handful of people. About 20 minutes later an army of young men showed up to help. It was so awesome to have tons of people there to help a family move. We spent 3 hours just to drive there and back for the first load. Elder Overstreet and I had to leave around 4pm because we had some lessons to teach. We found out the next day that two older men in our ward stayed till 8pm helping move. They spent 6 hours just in transportation time, driving the moving truck back and forth. That is some awesome service rendered.

This week I did something pretty silly.
When ever I get on or off a bus I always thank the Bus driver.
Usually I just say “Merci messieur”.
As we were getting off a packed bus one evening, I yelled “Merci Messieur!”
I paused for a millisecond and remembered that the bus driver was a women.
I quickly yelled right after “Madame!!!!”
It was pretty funny because everyone on the bus heard me say thank you Mr. to a women.

Today it is pouring rain out and we still went for our morning run.
The last thing you want to do first thing you wake up is go for a run.
We do it anyways and once we get a few steps going we usually feel awake and ready.

Well, I love you lots

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi