Week #33

Sorry Folks,

(We only receive4d some pictures this week. Come back next week and I bet we will have a new Email from the Boss.)

By Robert Suranyi

Week #32

Dearest family and Friends,

Well, I got some pretty exciting news…………………………………..I am training a brand new missionary.
I will be receiving my new missionary tomorrow.
I have thought it would be awesome to be a trainer and I was thinking about it a lot when the transfer was coming up.
So yah, I am training.

This week we had the confirmation of Colette and it went great.
Elder Overstreet said goodbye to all the members.
He is serving in Toulouse now as a zone leader.

I will be spending the next couple of days in Lyon with my Zone Leaders.
There are 10 missionaries finishing their missions and I am right now in the mission office with all of them.
They are going in for interviews with president and I do not want to think about when that moment will come for me in about a year and a half.

Well I am pretty excited for my new missionary and I love you all.


Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi

Week #31

Hey Everyopne!

Mom I think you will be happy to know that I did something pretty cool this week.
I was asked by a member in our ward to be the pianist for the musical number “Ave Maria.”
She was asked to organize the music for the funeral of our Ward Mission Leaders Mother.
I received the sheet music the day before the funeral.
I learnt and memorized the whole piano piece in two and a half hours.
This is pretty big for me considering I am not super gifted at reading sheet music on the piano.
I was able to learn the song as it was written.

We were also asked to be a part of a choir for the funeral as well.
Us two missionaries and a few other members of our ward sang 4 hymns at the funeral.
The funeral was held in a beautiful cathedral with wonderful acoustics.
There was a large group of people in attendance.

Our Ward Mission Leader told us a few days later that everyone was touched by the hymns that we sang. They said they left with the feeling of peace. Our Ward Mission Leader said “It was a LDS funeral held in a cathedral.” This was a wonderful opportunity for us to render service and bear our testimonies through our actions.

It was my first Stake Conference this Sunday and it was great to see so many people.
It was held in Lyon and they showed a broadcast from the general authorities directed to the saints in Europe. I always love hearing from our general authorities and I know they share inspired messages.

As I was praying two nights ago I had the thought that we needed to invite someone to meet the missionaries. This thought was for someone that actually isn’t even a part of my mission here in France. This is for someone who lives at home in Richmond.

Well I love you all and hope you are doing well.
Hey dad, knowing how cool technology is, would you from time to time
send short video clips of things that are happening in you and moms life.
You can film them on your phone and send little clips to me.

For example Elder Overstreet receives videos of his parents golfing or at the ski hill.


Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi

Week #30

Hello Everyone,

This week I did quite a bit of service.

Our first service opportunity was gardening at a members home.
It was extremely hot out and we used garden weapons to remove weeds from her soil bed.
It was actually pretty fun to have shovels and other tools in my hands again.
Elder Overstreet is a very hard worker so it is always fun to watch him going to town on a tree with an axe.

My second service opportunity was my exchange with the zone leaders in Lyon.
We went to the brand new mission home and cleared out all the scrap material to be disposed of.
We removed nails and the curtains from the walls so that the painters could come and do their work.
The new mission home is extremely beautiful and the new mission President has 3 boys.
They will begin their mission next month and President and Sister Murdock will be finishing their mission.

We had a baptism here in Saint-Etienne of a wonderful lady named Colette.
She is very sweet and kind.
Her daughter is an angel and really loves music.
She has a great sense of humour and loves to laugh.
Next week is Stake Conference so she will be confirmed the week after.

This month our Mission President has created a plan to read Preach My Gospel in one month.
I have already really enjoyed study and reading the scriptures along with this great tool.

I really love the Bible Videos that the church are making

I wish they had all these great materials in french as well.

Well I love you lots, you are the best

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi

Week #29

Hello everyone,

I can sympathize with Krystal a lot.
A lot of people do not know who we are and make assumptions.
As we listen to them and try our best to use a soft word, when they are aggressive,
we can restore a bit of light and truth to each person we meet.
Each day as we testify and invite people to come unto Christ and his restored gospel, we are restoring truth to the earth.

Oh btw the reason I am emailing today is due to the fact that pretty much all stores were closed yesterday due to a holiday.

I am glad to hear that the Iron Rod Games went well.
I understand what you mean mom but remember it is more important that your students had a wonderful year of seminary
then to have a perfect Iron Rod Games. The things they will have learned from their studies of the scriptures and the habits that they will have formed are of a much greater worth. I know you were an incredible seminary teacher.

We had a Zone Conference in Lyon this past week.
It was super awesome and I always leave with the desire to do better.
Our mission office has moved from Switzerland to Lyon France.
Elder Overstreet and I were asked to teach one of the workshops at the Zone Conference.
It went pretty well but because we were teaching we were unable to attend the other work shops.
I would have really liked to see some of the other workshops.

It is wonderful to hear that Krystal had a week of success and miracles.
I am also happy that she recognizes the Lord’s hand in their success.
That being said, The Lord still brings about his great work by small and simple means.
I know that each and every effort by Sister Suranyi and her companion have a great impact.
I believe that not knowing the outcome of all of our efforts is what helps us to be humble.

There is a quote from Preach My Gospel which I believe is very important.
No one can understand spiritual things without prayer. (I didn’t quote that exactly)
We need to learn spiritual truths from the spirit or the holy ghost.
We receive the spirit by the prayer of faith.

Well I love you all mucho mucho

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi