Week #29

Hello everyone,

I can sympathize with Krystal a lot.
A lot of people do not know who we are and make assumptions.
As we listen to them and try our best to use a soft word, when they are aggressive,
we can restore a bit of light and truth to each person we meet.
Each day as we testify and invite people to come unto Christ and his restored gospel, we are restoring truth to the earth.

Oh btw the reason I am emailing today is due to the fact that pretty much all stores were closed yesterday due to a holiday.

I am glad to hear that the Iron Rod Games went well.
I understand what you mean mom but remember it is more important that your students had a wonderful year of seminary
then to have a perfect Iron Rod Games. The things they will have learned from their studies of the scriptures and the habits that they will have formed are of a much greater worth. I know you were an incredible seminary teacher.

We had a Zone Conference in Lyon this past week.
It was super awesome and I always leave with the desire to do better.
Our mission office has moved from Switzerland to Lyon France.
Elder Overstreet and I were asked to teach one of the workshops at the Zone Conference.
It went pretty well but because we were teaching we were unable to attend the other work shops.
I would have really liked to see some of the other workshops.

It is wonderful to hear that Krystal had a week of success and miracles.
I am also happy that she recognizes the Lord’s hand in their success.
That being said, The Lord still brings about his great work by small and simple means.
I know that each and every effort by Sister Suranyi and her companion have a great impact.
I believe that not knowing the outcome of all of our efforts is what helps us to be humble.

There is a quote from Preach My Gospel which I believe is very important.
No one can understand spiritual things without prayer. (I didn’t quote that exactly)
We need to learn spiritual truths from the spirit or the holy ghost.
We receive the spirit by the prayer of faith.

Well I love you all mucho mucho

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi