Week #31

Hey Everyopne!

Mom I think you will be happy to know that I did something pretty cool this week.
I was asked by a member in our ward to be the pianist for the musical number “Ave Maria.”
She was asked to organize the music for the funeral of our Ward Mission Leaders Mother.
I received the sheet music the day before the funeral.
I learnt and memorized the whole piano piece in two and a half hours.
This is pretty big for me considering I am not super gifted at reading sheet music on the piano.
I was able to learn the song as it was written.

We were also asked to be a part of a choir for the funeral as well.
Us two missionaries and a few other members of our ward sang 4 hymns at the funeral.
The funeral was held in a beautiful cathedral with wonderful acoustics.
There was a large group of people in attendance.

Our Ward Mission Leader told us a few days later that everyone was touched by the hymns that we sang. They said they left with the feeling of peace. Our Ward Mission Leader said “It was a LDS funeral held in a cathedral.” This was a wonderful opportunity for us to render service and bear our testimonies through our actions.

It was my first Stake Conference this Sunday and it was great to see so many people.
It was held in Lyon and they showed a broadcast from the general authorities directed to the saints in Europe. I always love hearing from our general authorities and I know they share inspired messages.

As I was praying two nights ago I had the thought that we needed to invite someone to meet the missionaries. This thought was for someone that actually isn’t even a part of my mission here in France. This is for someone who lives at home in Richmond.

Well I love you all and hope you are doing well.
Hey dad, knowing how cool technology is, would you from time to time
send short video clips of things that are happening in you and moms life.
You can film them on your phone and send little clips to me.

For example Elder Overstreet receives videos of his parents golfing or at the ski hill.


Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi