Week #34


So my new missionary is Elder Smith and he is from Victoria!!!!!!!!!!
He is so awesome and already speaks French very well, even though he has only had 9 weeks to learn it.
I love Elder Smith. He is such a great guy and has a true desire to do this work.

We do a lot of studies now because he is a new missionary and I personally love it.
We spend a lot of time practicing and we focus language study on preparing for the activities of the day.
I am learning a lot of things from him as well and it is just awesome.

Before getting my new missionary, I stayed in Lyon for 2 days with the Zone Leaders.
I met up with the other 13 trainers and we all ate at MacDonald’s.
It was the biggest MacDonald’s order I have ever seen, it was awesome.
We stayed the night in a hotel, which was super cool.

I got to see two Elders that came into the mission field at the same time as me.
They are also training which is super cool. There is also two sisters who entered the field with me that are training as well.
Elder Petek and I were in the same hotel room which is awesome because I love the guy.
It was really cool to meet all the new missionaries and to hear President give a Blues Conference.
I felt the spirit and a rekindled desire to be a honourable servant of the Lord.

Elder Smith and I are working really hard and are speaking French almost all the time.
We are really focused and still have fun.

We had a ward BBQ here in Saint Etienne and it was pretty fun.
We did some fun activities like eating apples and waffles with no hands.
We also had volleyball, ping pong and lots of other things for the kids.

This week was the first time I have knocked a door on my mission and they have let us come in and teach them!!!!!!!

Elder Smith and I do not have a phone that works right now, so everyday we have to go to the church and make calls on a land line.

We met the coolest guy ever this week.
Pierre lives in a little village and has a beautiful home.
We rung his bell and this wonderful smiley old man answered.
He invited us in and gave us a tour of his garden and his home.
He wasn’t interested in hearing our message but we sang for him.
He was super super nice, it was awesome.

We played 20 questions at family home evening and it was pretty fun.

We are working hard and waiting for miracles to happen.

Elder Smith and I were working hard one night and knocking on tons of doors.
We got to one building with an intercom system that was placed horribly high up.
We had to yell so the people could here us over the intercom.
After Elder Smith joked around and was like
“We share a message about families, eternity, joy, peace and CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!”
It was way funny and we joked about that the rest of the night.
Maybe it is not funny to you but we missionaries are pretty chessy.

Love ya,

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi