Week #38


Cet semaine, nous avons aidé une famille dans la paroisse à demenager.
C’était super d’être avec eux et de partager un message aussi.
Il y avait des autres membres qui ont été là aussi.

On a fait des notes partout dans le carnet de secteur pour les nouveaux missionnaires.
On a même fixer plusieurs rendez-vous pour eux et on a appellé les membres pour les accompagnier.

Notre derniers rendez-vous était incroyable.
On a ensigné le plan du salut et on a vraiment ensigner à propos de la rôle de Jésus chirst!
On a vu la changement dans sa visage quand il a vraiment compris.

We received transfer calls this Friday.
Elder Smith will be leaving to serve in Toulouse.
He is such an amazing missionary and he is super super ready.
We had such a wonderful transfer together and we worked hard.

As for me, I will now be serving in Lyon.
I have received a call to be the new assistant to the president.
I love President Roney and his family!
I am so excited to have this special occasion to serve all the missionaries and see them.
I will be traveling a lot with president and I know I will learn a lot from him.

My new companion is Elder Gubbay!
He is incredible. He is superman.
He is handsome, smart, funny, kind, charming and speaks 4 languages.

I know this is going to be a great occasion for me to learn and grow.
I am super excited to be serving with Elder Gubbay he is incredible.

Love you all

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi