Week #41

Hello my dearest family and friends,

I have never done so much service in my life

Elder Gubbay and I are always doing service.
We have been helping a young couple build their home and it is super fun.
we have been helping a member to move.
We have helped an older lady with her gardening.
we have been smiling at everyone (One of the easiest and best services)

We have been working a ton with the young men.
We get the young men to come and teach lessons with us, do service with us and play sports with us.
We really have a great connection with the young people here.
They really look up to us and we are having great missionary experiences together.
We found a Brazilian family the other day. So Awesome!!!!!!!!!

We are teaching the coolest people ever.
We have many Chinese speaking people that we teach.
While teaching the plan of salvation to one of them, she said “Wow this is a fairytale, it is wonderful, I hope it is true”
It was so cool and sincere.
She also said that she has more peace and happiness in her life.
How awesome is that!!!!!!!!!!

The gospel of Jesus Christ really changes people.
It brings peace and joy into their lives.
It is amazing to see that happen in someones life and to have them recognize it.

Well I love you loads, you are the best

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi

Week #40

Hey there!!!!!

The craziness continues.
We always have so much to do, it is awesome.

I am loving teaching in Chinese, it is so cool!!!
To bad I do not understand much but I can say a few things.
We went to Switzerland this week and it is absolutely incredibly beautiful there.

We have been doing a lot of work with members recently and it is amazing.
We have young men who come to teach with us and do service with us.
We planned a soccer Saturday and had about 15 youth come and it was awesome.
We talked to a ton of members at a farewell party for a new missionary leaving next week.
We did at least 4 service projects this week.
We have been brewing tons of stuff up for the whole mission and make a zillion phone calls each day.
We laugh a lot and smile a lot. Lots of hugs and compliments all around.

We are really seeing some really cool things happening.
Members are helping us all the time.
They call us up when they need help, they give us there friends to teach.
They offer their homes for us to teach in, they give us food.
It is just awesome.

So glad to hear things are going so well back home and tons of wonderful events are happening all the time.

Love you loads

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi

Week #39


Well this last week and a bit had been crazy but awesome.
Since being called as an assistant, I have been exceptionally tired but super blessed with energy.

We have been doing tons of stuff for missionaries this last week.
We had a bunch of missionaries finishing their missions so we took them to hotels and help them get to the airport.
We also had a bunch of new missionaries arrive,
We planned and taught a few conferences for them and just loved them to bits.
I love meeting new missionaries and making them feel like they are super heroes, because they are!

I am so blessed to be able to spend a lot of time with president Roney.
We discuss ideas for teaching missionaries and ideas for the whole mission.
We have many meetings at their home which is amazing because we get to talk with their three boys who are still at home.
Sister Roney makes the best food ever and it is just incredible.
I love their whole family, they are awesome.

Our missionary schedule is all over the map now, so I won’t always be able to email you every Monday.
We pretty much do preparation day whenever we can find time (which is little)
Personally I love it. I honestly do not mind giving up that time to do more service.

Elder Gubbay is my handsome stud of a colleague and he speaks 4 languages.
We work super well together and we find that we teach exactly what the other person is thinking to share in lessons.
We are teaching quite a bit in Chinese, so I am learning some Chinese here and there.
I love Chinese, it is so cool.

We talk to a lot of missionaries all the time. They call us with questions and concerns. We get to love them and answer their questions.
Everything is such a blur but It is awesome.
I love getting to teach other missionaries and plan for the whole mission.

Elder Gubbay is the coolest.
Everyone loves him and i have always wanted to be his colleague.
He is literally super man and he looks like him.

Krystal is so amazing!!!!!
I know she is an incredible missionary and I can just see how she is beaming in the photos she sends.
President Roney says that beside his daughter, Krystal’s Companion, Sister Roney is the most exceptional girl he knows.
I am so happy that they are still serving together and they sound like the dream team!!!!

I am so glad to hear everything is going so well at home.
I love you all loads.

By Robert Suranyi