Week #40

Hey there!!!!!

The craziness continues.
We always have so much to do, it is awesome.

I am loving teaching in Chinese, it is so cool!!!
To bad I do not understand much but I can say a few things.
We went to Switzerland this week and it is absolutely incredibly beautiful there.

We have been doing a lot of work with members recently and it is amazing.
We have young men who come to teach with us and do service with us.
We planned a soccer Saturday and had about 15 youth come and it was awesome.
We talked to a ton of members at a farewell party for a new missionary leaving next week.
We did at least 4 service projects this week.
We have been brewing tons of stuff up for the whole mission and make a zillion phone calls each day.
We laugh a lot and smile a lot. Lots of hugs and compliments all around.

We are really seeing some really cool things happening.
Members are helping us all the time.
They call us up when they need help, they give us there friends to teach.
They offer their homes for us to teach in, they give us food.
It is just awesome.

So glad to hear things are going so well back home and tons of wonderful events are happening all the time.

Love you loads

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi