Week #41

Hello my dearest family and friends,

I have never done so much service in my life

Elder Gubbay and I are always doing service.
We have been helping a young couple build their home and it is super fun.
we have been helping a member to move.
We have helped an older lady with her gardening.
we have been smiling at everyone (One of the easiest and best services)

We have been working a ton with the young men.
We get the young men to come and teach lessons with us, do service with us and play sports with us.
We really have a great connection with the young people here.
They really look up to us and we are having great missionary experiences together.
We found a Brazilian family the other day. So Awesome!!!!!!!!!

We are teaching the coolest people ever.
We have many Chinese speaking people that we teach.
While teaching the plan of salvation to one of them, she said “Wow this is a fairytale, it is wonderful, I hope it is true”
It was so cool and sincere.
She also said that she has more peace and happiness in her life.
How awesome is that!!!!!!!!!!

The gospel of Jesus Christ really changes people.
It brings peace and joy into their lives.
It is amazing to see that happen in someones life and to have them recognize it.

Well I love you loads, you are the best

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi