Week #46

Hey there,

So this week we spent more time outside of our city then within.
Elder Gubbay and I did a bunch of exchanges with Zone Leaders around the mission and it was sweet.
It was so much fun to go and teach people in there cities and talk to people everywhere.
I feel blessed to be able to work with so many different missionaries.

I had one particularly marking experience this week.
When I was in Bordeaux on an exchange we had a great experience.
We taught a man who said he used to feel like he was on the top of the world.
He said he felt happy and filled with the spirit.
He said he didn’t know why but he hadn’t felt that way for a long time.
He said he hungered for those feelings again.
We asked him some more questions and we were able to help him realized that he had been making decisions which had been decreasing the light in his life.
We were able to boldly explain to him that if he wants to feel the way he did two years ago, he had to make some changes.
We boldly invited him on the spot to start changing his life.
I know this is possible because of Jesus Christ and his atonement.
As we truly have the desire to change and repent (change our thoughts, beliefs, and actions) of our mistakes, we can find peace and joy again.
Our lives can be filled with light again.

Neil a Maxwell said
If it is also true (in some way we don’t understand) that the cavity which suffering carves into our souls will one day also be the receptacle of joy, how infinitely greater Jesus’ capacity for joy, when he said, after his resurrection, “Behold, my joy is full.” How very, very full, indeed, his joy must have been!

I love this quote I think it is absolutely beautiful.
As a missionary, I do not think there is a greater sensation of joy then to see someone have that cavity of suffering, pain, and regret turned into a receptacle for peace, joy and happiness. Everything about the person changes. They are all of a sudden are shining, glowing, happy people.
I know this is possible because of Jesus Christ and his atonement.

Elder Gubbay and I talk about these things a lot.
We have really come to understand in a clearer sense the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
We have really realized that those that truly repent are those that become converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Super crazy side note…………………………………..
I was sitting at church this week when the Bishop got up and introduced some new people who are now in our ward.
He said we have someone from Canada and her name is Anna.
Turns out, it is my friend Anna from back home.
What are the odds that she would move to France and live exactly in the same city where I am serving. Crazyness

Wow so many of my friends are getting married since I have been on my mission. Pretty exciting stuff.

These next two weeks are going to be something special.
We are not going to be in Lyon for two weeks because we are doing a mission wide tour.
We are going to be going to every zone in the mission with the President and we will be teaching the missionaries as he does interviews.
It is going to be fun stuff.
I am so grateful I get to meet all the missionaries in my whole mission.
They are really some of the most incredible people I have ever met.

Well I love you lots

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi