Week #50

Hello there,

So this weekend we had stake conference and it was awesome.
There was about 400 people there and it was held in a beautiful auditorium.

Elder Gubbay and I gave part of the presentation for the Saturday afternoon priesthood session.
We talked about the miracles that are happening in our mission because of the power of prayer.
We also brought members up and did some role playing for member missionary work.

So we got a bunch of journalists that have been super interested in learning more about our church.
Today they will be filming Elder Gubbay and I as we go do missionary work in the streets.
They have also been interviewing members of the church, our bishop, and our stake President.
We are exciting about this because it gives the church more exposure and SPARKS curiosity.
This is great because then we can talk to more people about the Saviour (proper English spelling).
This week as we have been going about doing missionary work,we have been asking people this simple question.
“Do you want to know more about Jesus Christ?”
I love this question and the answers we receive.
It the best because all I really want to talk about with people is the Saviour and how he can make us the most incredibly happy people on the planet.
What a great message to share with people.
No matter if I am tired, sad, hungry, confused,…………going around talking to people about Jesus Christ just fills me with Joy and energy.
It works every single time.

I am very excited because is transfer week.
I am excited because every transfer week we get new missionaries.
I love new missionaries.
They are so happy, excited and just all together lovely people.
The coolest thing is they just love you back instantly as well.
Needless to say there is a lot of love being shared.

Well, I love you lots

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi

Week #49

Well hello my dearest family and friends,

This week was pretty cool.
Elder Gubbay and I got to do some stuff that most missionaries would not have the privilege to do.

We went to an island called Corsica and we did missionary work there for 3 days.
It was pretty awesome.
It was super super hot there, 30 degrees, and we had a ton of fun talking to people about our Saviour.
We met some of the members that live on the island and we also got a tour of their chapel.
We will be putting missionaries on this island next transfer, so Elder Gubbay and I went to see how missionary work is like there.
We met tons of families and it was just awesome talking to them. They we very opened and very nice, it was delightful.

We had another great week with the Roney family.
They also came to the island and it is always a fun time when you are traveling with a family.
President is so so funny. We are always laughing and he always has something funny to say.
He has an incredible talent to be very personable with people in like 3 seconds.
It is pretty awesome to watch people start smiling and laughing as they talk to him.

I love reading the Book of Mormon.
It is incredible how often and how powerfully it testifies of Jesus Christ.
It is wonderful to see the change of heart that occurs because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
I love reading about how there pains and sorrows are turned into joy.
I love how they then realize it was all because of Jesus Christ that they were able to repent and change.
It is super cool to see how there whole goal in writing scripture is to help future generations come unto the living Christ.


I am so grateful for my mission as I have really come to see life in a whole new way.
I have really come to better understand what the Gospel of Jesus Christ really is.
I have come to better understand the Saviour Jesus Christ.
I have found a new joy in searching the scriptures for testimonies borne of Him, lives changed by Him and ultimate happiness found in following Him.
His number 1 concern is our Happiness.

Love you,

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi

Week #48

Well hello there

Conference was great.
I felt like the puzzle pieces of my heart all fit together perfectly as I sat and listened to the living prophets and apostles of Jesus Christ.
I loved being there with tons of missionaries, members and friends.

We finished our mission tour this week.
It went really well and I always love seeing these amazing missionaries.
The Roney family have 8 kids.
2 of them are on missions and 3 of them are still living at home, so they are here in France.

We spent some time in our own city yesterday and I had the most lovely experience.
Elder Gubbay and I were going contacting in a wonderful area with tons of families.
We met this one man who speaks Spanish and he had 2 cute children with him.
Elder Gubbay spoke to him in Spanish and I made sure that the kids didn’t run out into the street where the traffic was.
I was speaking with the kids in French and asking them questions.
They were super super cute.
As I was speaking with them I felt so happy.
As we said goodbye, the kids waved and one of them blew me a kiss.
I realized after as we were walking away that, family is where true happiness comes from.
That was the highlight of my day. It melted my heart a bit……or a lot.
We will hopefully be teaching this family soon.

We will be doing some traveling this week as well.
We are going to the island of Corsica, because President wants to re-open missionaries there.
Elder Gubbay and I are going to get a feel for the island and look at a few apartments as well.

To answer some questions.
I am now wearing my contacts instead of my glasses.
I cut my own hair.
When we are traveling around the mission we stay with the Zone Leaders in their apartment.
Most missionary apartments have 2 extra mattresses which we use.
Sometimes though we are super lucky and the apartments do not have any extra stuff so we sleep on the floor. (only happened twice so far)

Love you

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi

Week #47


So this week has been pretty awesome.
We have been doing a ton of traveling.
we have pretty much been in a different city everyday this week.
We have loved visiting all the missionaries and having our Zone meetings with them.
We still have a couple more Zones to go visit but it is tons of fun.

Our main theme of this mission tour is prayer.
We are helping our missionaries realizes how powerful their prayers are.
We are going to have our mission pray for everyone in the whole mission and for the people that they are teaching.
We want all the missionaries to feel responsible for the success of the whole mission, due to their prayers.
We have been talking about how to pray more specifically and with more faith.

Elder Gubbay has been doing all the driving for this tour and I have been doing all the napping. ;)
We have been having a great time with the Roney family, they are incredible.
We have seen some really cool things along the way as well.

We had an incredible visit with a member family in the city of Carcassonne.
We all gathered around this huge dinner table; with around 15 people.
We enjoyed great conversation and great food.
We were able to talk to these members kids who are super super awesome.
It was so nice to be in that kind of environment.
We also we able to give a spiritual thought and we knelt in prayer with their whole family.
it was something really special and the spirit was very strong.

Elder Ioannidis

P.S I am to young to have bags under my eyes
Oh well. ;)

By Robert Suranyi