Week #47


So this week has been pretty awesome.
We have been doing a ton of traveling.
we have pretty much been in a different city everyday this week.
We have loved visiting all the missionaries and having our Zone meetings with them.
We still have a couple more Zones to go visit but it is tons of fun.

Our main theme of this mission tour is prayer.
We are helping our missionaries realizes how powerful their prayers are.
We are going to have our mission pray for everyone in the whole mission and for the people that they are teaching.
We want all the missionaries to feel responsible for the success of the whole mission, due to their prayers.
We have been talking about how to pray more specifically and with more faith.

Elder Gubbay has been doing all the driving for this tour and I have been doing all the napping. ;)
We have been having a great time with the Roney family, they are incredible.
We have seen some really cool things along the way as well.

We had an incredible visit with a member family in the city of Carcassonne.
We all gathered around this huge dinner table; with around 15 people.
We enjoyed great conversation and great food.
We were able to talk to these members kids who are super super awesome.
It was so nice to be in that kind of environment.
We also we able to give a spiritual thought and we knelt in prayer with their whole family.
it was something really special and the spirit was very strong.

Elder Ioannidis

P.S I am to young to have bags under my eyes
Oh well. ;)

By Robert Suranyi