Week #48

Well hello there

Conference was great.
I felt like the puzzle pieces of my heart all fit together perfectly as I sat and listened to the living prophets and apostles of Jesus Christ.
I loved being there with tons of missionaries, members and friends.

We finished our mission tour this week.
It went really well and I always love seeing these amazing missionaries.
The Roney family have 8 kids.
2 of them are on missions and 3 of them are still living at home, so they are here in France.

We spent some time in our own city yesterday and I had the most lovely experience.
Elder Gubbay and I were going contacting in a wonderful area with tons of families.
We met this one man who speaks Spanish and he had 2 cute children with him.
Elder Gubbay spoke to him in Spanish and I made sure that the kids didn’t run out into the street where the traffic was.
I was speaking with the kids in French and asking them questions.
They were super super cute.
As I was speaking with them I felt so happy.
As we said goodbye, the kids waved and one of them blew me a kiss.
I realized after as we were walking away that, family is where true happiness comes from.
That was the highlight of my day. It melted my heart a bit……or a lot.
We will hopefully be teaching this family soon.

We will be doing some traveling this week as well.
We are going to the island of Corsica, because President wants to re-open missionaries there.
Elder Gubbay and I are going to get a feel for the island and look at a few apartments as well.

To answer some questions.
I am now wearing my contacts instead of my glasses.
I cut my own hair.
When we are traveling around the mission we stay with the Zone Leaders in their apartment.
Most missionary apartments have 2 extra mattresses which we use.
Sometimes though we are super lucky and the apartments do not have any extra stuff so we sleep on the floor. (only happened twice so far)

Love you

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi