Week #50

Hello there,

So this weekend we had stake conference and it was awesome.
There was about 400 people there and it was held in a beautiful auditorium.

Elder Gubbay and I gave part of the presentation for the Saturday afternoon priesthood session.
We talked about the miracles that are happening in our mission because of the power of prayer.
We also brought members up and did some role playing for member missionary work.

So we got a bunch of journalists that have been super interested in learning more about our church.
Today they will be filming Elder Gubbay and I as we go do missionary work in the streets.
They have also been interviewing members of the church, our bishop, and our stake President.
We are exciting about this because it gives the church more exposure and SPARKS curiosity.
This is great because then we can talk to more people about the Saviour (proper English spelling).
This week as we have been going about doing missionary work,we have been asking people this simple question.
“Do you want to know more about Jesus Christ?”
I love this question and the answers we receive.
It the best because all I really want to talk about with people is the Saviour and how he can make us the most incredibly happy people on the planet.
What a great message to share with people.
No matter if I am tired, sad, hungry, confused,…………going around talking to people about Jesus Christ just fills me with Joy and energy.
It works every single time.

I am very excited because is transfer week.
I am excited because every transfer week we get new missionaries.
I love new missionaries.
They are so happy, excited and just all together lovely people.
The coolest thing is they just love you back instantly as well.
Needless to say there is a lot of love being shared.

Well, I love you lots

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi