Week #51

Crazy week of really cool stuff,

Well it was transfer week…………enough said.
I love transfer week,
The new missionaries are so cool and I love them.
They have just arrived but I am so grateful that they decided to go on missions.
I had some special moments with them as I bore them my testimony about Jesus Christ and missionary work.

I also got to see a bunch of finishing missionaries as they met their parents after 2 years.
I got to meet the family of one of my past mission companions as well as my first District Leader’s family.
It is a very special moment to watch families run up and hug there sons and daughters.
You get to watch this same thing if you spend any time at an airport.
What a beautiful scene.
I imagine that it will be the same experience as we are reunited with our family members after this life.
I usually start to tear up a bit as I watch this, it is a very happy moment.
I love talking to the missionaries parents and telling them how wonderful their children are.

So lots of cool and exciting stuff but wait…………there is more.
We reopened the island of Corsica, for missionary work.
It is sooo coool.
Missionaries have not been there for 3-4 years.
It is a super beautiful island with a huge culture of family centered lives,
We got the new missionaries moved into their living quarters and started to go out and talk to people about Jesus Christ.
It is super hot there around 30 degrees right now in October.
On the ferry ride back, we went through the biggest storm.
They ferry company said it was the biggest storm that they had ever sailed through.
The whole ferry was rocking back and forth. We heard tons of crashing noises
We though it was the parked cars sliding around and smashing into each other.
Luckily we found out that this was not the case.
It was really really hard to sleep because of all the crashing noises and the walls shaking.
Plus in my mind I just imagined like 300 cars smashing into each other on the bottom deck.

Well what to say but I love you lots.
Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi