Week #54

Hello there,

This week has been very very awesome.

Elder Gubbay and I had about 4 exchanges.
We had a bunch of missionaries come work with us and it was loads of fun.
In fact we had 8 missionaries stay in our apartment one night when Elder Andersen came.

I directed and arranged the hymn “Oh It is Wonderful” for Elder Andersen’s visit.
The missionaries sang beautifully and it was also a lot of fun to conduct it.

Elder Andersen was just incredible. His wife and kids also spoke.
I loved hearing his kids calling him Dad.
He is an apostle of the Lord but yet he is also a super amazing Dad.
I love that.

The Andersen’s son spoke about how grateful he was for his parents.
Elder Andersen’s wife bore powerful testimony and bore witness that her husband is a special witness of the Saviour.
I loved watching Elder Andersen and hearing him speak.
He made you feel like he could be a close friend to you, even though he has a sacred calling.

Elder Andersen spoke about the Saviour and the Atonement.
He explained that on the mission we are there to help everyone come unto Christ.
That includes members and our colleagues, non members, less actives, everyone
He explained that the most important thing we can do it help people know who Jesus Christ is and help them experience the atonement in their life.

Elder Kearon also spoke.
He has a wonderful English accent and it was enchanting.
He explained how he calls home each day to his wife and kids when he is away.
He explained that on one occasion he asked his wife what had happened that day.
She explained to him that their daughter was running and fell.
This is what their daughter cried out
“I wish Daddy were here. Daddy would be so sad” (make sure to read this with an English accent)
Elder Kearon first explained that he was happy to hear that his daughter thought of him.
He then explained that this joy turned into a great sorrow when he realized that his daughter was hurt.
He explained that he probably hurt more for his daughter then she did herself.

He then compared this to our Heavenly Father.
We cry out for help and he is glad we cry out to him but he experiences great sadness knowing that we are suffering.

Jesus Christ is able to heal all wounds and sufferings.
I recently watched an amazing video

I love you lots

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi