Week #55

Hey family and Friends,

This week was intense again
We had a zillion exchanges with missionaries again.
But I love it.
I sleep super super well.

We continue to talk to every person that cross our paths.
We talk to every person on our bus, tram, metro that we are taking.
It is loads of fun.
At the beginning of my mission I would be super scared to do this but now it is soo fun.

We are going to be working a lot more with members.
We have created a game that we play with members and it is called the Missionary Game.
It is super awesome and it is fun.

For one of the people we are teaching, we created a DVD with all the videos from the Life of Jesus Christ on the Bible Video Series.


We also put some of our other favorite videos about how the Saviour and the atonement has changed peoples lives.

I absolutely love these videos and I think they are super super cool.

We had Thanksgiving dinner with two of our investigators at President Roney’s home.
It was incredible and these two friends of ours loved the family atmosphere in their home.
They were really just feeling the spirit because their is a special warmth in the Roney home.

The members are incredible and have been inviting our friends to be taught in their homes and have been inviting them over for dinner. It is just amazing when they phone you up and offer this service.

So this is the last week of Elder Gubbay’s mission and I cried last week for the first time thinking about it. He was bearing his testimony at a Zone training meeting and I just felt a lot of love for him.

I received the Birthday Package, thank you so much. It was super super awesome, Especially the 3D card wohhooo.

Oh some thank yous for you mum.
Elder Gubbay says thanks for the Book Mark and he loves the Jelly Beans
Our two friends say thank you for the CTR rings
I say thank you for being an amazing mom

Thanks to Dad for being so hugable and good at dancing :)

Well I love you all lots

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi