Week #61

Hey my dearest family and friends,

This week was cool as always!

We did many exchanges this week and had some really fun and cool experiences.

While doing an exchange in Yverdon Switzerland, we did awesome service on a farm. It was so much fun. We did a lot of work to feed those cows. We jumped into a huge hay pile and used pitch forks to move the hay around into large bundles so a huge claw from the ceiling could swoop down and grab the piles. It was super sweaty and awesome. It was an awesome work out as well. We also cleaned out a chicken coup and it smelt lovely. We drank real milk and it was super super yummy as well as real meat. I really like farm work. I wouldn’t want to do it everyday but I need to find more friends who live on farms so I can go work with them once in a while.

We are working so so so so so so so so so much with members. We have finally started to really break through in the mission. We are really starting to do effective missionary work by working with the members. We are really working on helping every single missionary team to work with the members in their ward.

This week we visited a less active member and had a great time with him. After our visit we knocked on his neighbor’s door. She told us to come in so we quickly knocked on the less active members door and asked him if he could come teach a lesson with us. We taught this lady a lesson with the less active member and ……………………………….they both came to church the next day.

Whilst praying before we went to see one of our amis we are teaching, Elder Arnold and I both had the impression that we needed to ask him if he knew anyone else that would be interested in meeting us. We did so during the visit and we made plans to meet one of his friends in the up coming week. After that Elder Arnold asked him if we could go and knock on the door of someone that we had met a few weeks ago that lives in his building. He said yes and ended up walking around his student residence building knocking on the doors of people he knows to introduce to us. Funnily enough not one of them was home. As we were walking down the hall to leave we saw two Chinese students in the common kitchen area. We passed by the common area to head towards the stairs. Elder Arnold and I were both thinking the same thing at the same time. We turned to each other and whispered, “we need to talk to them”. Trying to not make it awkward for our amis, we were with, I said to him “They are speaking Chinese, I would love to practice my Chinese”. We ended up going back to the common room and I asked them if I could practice my Chinese with them. I spoke a few sentences to them and they were super delighted and happy. They taught me a new sentence and then we spoke in English. I asked them in English mixed with a few Chinese words if they would like to know more about God and Jesus Christ. They said yes.
It was a super cool experience to follow inspiration received during a prayer and have it ended up opening up so many opportunities to teach people about Jesus Christ. It was awesome.

Well I love you lots
This is the last week before transfers
So we will start working on transfers with president tomorrow
If I were to guess, I think I will be leaving but I am not sure.
If I go I will miss this ward here in Lyon but I am ready for anything.

Love you

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi