Week #62

My dear family,

I love you.

Suranyi Nover, you are the best trainer ever!!!!!!!!!
I know you are showing this new missionary how to love and endear members and non members.

I know that you will love that new missionary and she will love you.
Ever time I see Elder Smith, I am just filled with such joy and love for him.
I remember us working hard every single day together.
I remember us running home every night to get home just in time.
He will always have a very special place for me in my heart.
It also helps that he is the kindest most loving person ever.
So all that to say that training a new missionary is wonderful.

We had a fun transfer week with many adventures.

Due to snow, the flights of the finishing missionaries were cancelled.
Our new missionaries were stuck in Paris because their flights was cancelled as well.
They ended up taking the train from Paris to Lyon.
They are so wonderful.

This Sunday we had a missionary sacrament meeting.
We sang Oui Je Crois en Christ which is I Believe In Christ.
It was a really nice Sunday.
We had many of our amis there.

At the end of this week we will be doing a two week mission tour.
We will be traveling around the whole mission visiting all the missionaries and teaching them.
It will be a most wonderful adventure

Well I love you lots

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi