Week #63

Hey family and Friends,

It is good to hear you are all doing well and still finding tons of opportunities to serve.
I am very grateful for the family I have.

This week we were able to do some physical service.
We went over to a young couples home to help them carry sheet rock up to the second floor.
It is fairly cold out but we were sweating quite a bit.
I loved it, I felt like all my stress was just gone.
It feels really good to help people as well.
The couple is super super nice and warm.
They were refereed to us by the Bishop’s son who is now on his mission.

There were 2 baptism this week in our ward and their will be one more next week.
Everyone is very excited to start off the year this way.
I absolutely love this ward.
I feel so comfortable here and I really love the members.
I love the youth a lot.
It is so amazing to be able to build them up.
We work quite a bit with the Priest age guys.
We have them come and teach with us.

This Sunday, one of the boy’s mother came up to us and said
“Elders, you gave a really bad impression of missionary work to my son………….. because you picked him up, had him teach with you, your investigator fed him, and sent him home with cake. It is supposed to be a lot harder then that.”
It was super cute. At first we were worried when she said the first part but as she continued we realized she was giving as a huge thank you. It was a very clever on her part.

In the car, sending a text or in the halls at church, we take the time to build these young men up.
They are really incredible and special so we let them know it.

We visited 3 wonderful families this week.
I love the atmosphere of joy and love.
We laughed a lot and also shared spiritual experiences.
One of the highlights of my week is spending time with members.

We did an exchange in Geneva Switzerland.
It is beautiful there.
There was snow falling and the air was crisp.

Speaking about leaving Lyon,
The next two weeks we will be touring around the mission
We will be back on the weekends though.
We are going to be driving everywhere with our mission president and his family.
I love seeing all the missionaries.

We are being greatly blessed at this moment to have wonderful people to teach,
wonderful members who love those we bring to church and we are having fun as well.
The best part is that I do not feel like the efforts I make have much to do with it.
We got angels on our team.

I love you loads,

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi