Week #71

Dearest family and Friends,

You are too cool for me.

It is fun to hear what adventures you are having mom.
I know of no other person that serves like you and I am pleased when you take the time
to go on an adventure. I am excited to see some pictures soon.

Dad good job. You did tons of service this week. You are awesome.
Your week sounded super super busy.
You are the man.
I can picture you smiling on the sky-train and it warms my heart.

This week we taught Seminary to the youth and also taught the young adults at FHE.
It is so wonderful to work with the youth.
They are really special and It is a huge privilege to be an example for them.
We had a great time teaching the Young Adults about missionary work.

I also gave a talk in church this week.
I was asked to speak about being an example.
It was awesome to take the time to thank our members for being such great examples.

We visited a newly-wed couple this week and we had a wonderful time discussing about how we can do missionary work together. The wife was super excited and is going to invite one of her work friends to meet with us. It is awesome to work side by side with members.

Well I love you a lot and am grateful for everything you do.
I can’t believe how amazing you are as parents.
I sometimes take a moment to think why I was so blessed to be raised by you two and in a Gospel centered home.

I love you

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi

Week #70

Hey there good looking family,

It is most excellent to be receiving the weekly update from you.
The kitchen looks awesome, I really like it.
Especially the Families are Forever sign.

Krystal is the worlds best missionary.
I wish I could be half the missionary she is.
I totally know why everyone loves her.

Mom is off having fun, that is awesome.
Dad working hard as always.
If you have some free time after work try thinking of someone you can go serve.
Surprise & pass by Grandma with something special.
Leave a note in the mailbox of one one your home teaching families to let them know how awesome they are.

Even though we may be tired after a long day and it would be much more relaxing to just watch TV, I promise that if you make the effort to serve someone, on the way back home you will feel sooo gooood. Put it to the test, try it one day this week. That is my challenge.
Plus I love you to shreds and you are the coolest guy ever, and the most hugable Dad on earth.

We had a wonderful Zone Conference.
At the beginning of the Conference, I started crying tears of joy.
I felt so warm and peaceful inside.
It was just the most wonderful feeling ever.
I wish I could feel like that all the time.
It is really easy to tell when I have that feeling.
It doesn’t happen all the time but when I am strongly feeling the spirit I feel invincible.
Nothing could keep me from smiling from ear to ear.
Those are really awesome moments.

One of my favorite things that people say when I greet them and speak to them is
“ooh I’m so sorry, I didn’t recognize you at first, how are you?……….oh wait…….do I know you?” It is so funny. I love seeing people light up when you smile at them and say hello, I love it when you can greet people like you have known them forever and are so excited to see them.

We will be teaching Seminary and Institute this week. Super excited for this.
It is going to be awesome.

Well I love you all lots,
You are super cool.

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi

Week #69

Hey there family & Friends,

You are some pretty cool people I would have to say.

It is always fun to hear about what is going on in your lives.

It is really incredible to hear about all the amazing experiences Krystal is having on her mission.
She is awesome.
I pretty much cry every single week when I read her emails.

Elder Tromeur and I are continuing to talk to everyone.
We were very blessed this week to be able to teach quite a few lessons.
We have really cool members who without being asked, invite our friends who are at church to sit with them. It is really relieving to know our friends are being taken care of.

We were able to administer in many priesthood ordinances this week.
We serve a lot of members through out the week.

We visited a family where the children (a Brother and Sister) had both served missions.
I instantly thought of Krystal and I.
We asked to see their mission photos.
It was cool to see their emotions kick in as they spoke about their missions and the lives they were able to bless.

My colleague and I put on a ward activity this week.
It was a board game night.
We invited all the members to come with their favorite board game and a friend.
We are going to try and have simple monthly activities.
There are 4 wards here in Geneva so it should be pretty easy to rotate each month.

We have Zone Conference coming up this week.
It is always fun to go to Zone Conference.

I love you loads,
You are the best,

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi

Week #68

Hey there family,

Thank you so much for the emails and the kind words.

Elder Tromeur and I have been working hard talking to everyone, visiting members and the less motivated. We played the missionary game with a father of a family and he came up with tons of people he wants to share the Gospel with. It was super cool.

We worked side by side with the Elders Quorum President to visit to Elderly Women who have difficult health curcumstances.

Elder Tromeur and I speak French all the time except when we are in the apartment. We speak English inside the apartment so Elder Tromeur can practice his English. He speaks 4 languages. Italian, French, Spanish and English. This is extremely helpful because we meet tons of Spanish speakers in Geneva. I can say about 3 phrases in Spanish, it is fun.

We had an activity with the young men this week.
We taught them how to iron shirts and how to tie a tie.
We also shared a spiritual thought with them.
It was a lot of fun.
They always make me laugh.
I remember when it was difficult for me to iron a shirt and tie a tie.
It is second nature now and it brings back memories to watch them struggle.

We had our Zone Training Meeting this week with our Zone.
It was awesome to have the whole Zone there and to see everyone.
They are really extraordinary people and have many talents.

It is really funny because in this internet place I am in right now, they are playing really awesome Spanish/Latin music.

Well we hope to teach some really cool people this week.
We have a board game activity this Saturday that we are putting on for families.
All 4 wards here in Geneva are invited, so we hope to have a great activity and especially have lots of friends come.

I love you lots

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi

Week #67

So it is pretty cool here in Switzerland

It snows every other day and it looks really pretty as the snow falls.

We talk to everyone, everywhere.
We take public transit everywhere and I usually get to speak to about 15 people per ride
The coolest part is, I speak a different language with every person.
I speak to people in French, Spanish and English. Occasionally I have to whip out some Russian as well. It is really cool to meet people from all around the world. Geneva is a melting pot of cultures.
I have the coolest view of the mountains from my apartment and it reminds me a lot of Vancouver, actually.

There are 4 wards here in Geneva and we all meet in the same building.
It is really fun to find loads of people and then text their numbers to the Spanish speaking missionaries or the English speaking missionaries. I feel like we are really working as a team.

Something we are doing in out Zone is a day of prayer once a week.
We pray every single hour throughout the day.
I send the Zone text messages every hour with scriptures about prayer or songs about prayer to remind them to pray on the hour, every hour. It is another team building experience.

Elder Tromeur and I did some service and built some IKEA furniture for the sister missionaries apartment. It is always fun to do something physical and use tools and stuff.

I am really really continuing to exercise faith.
I love the word Trust. I use it sometimes to replace the word faith.
I trust that even if I am not seeing the results I would like, I am still accomplishing what the Saviour would have me accomplish. I trust that praying every hour for one another makes a difference and that there are angels working with us. I trust the Saviour to bless those we pray for. I trust that miracles will occur, even if they come in mysterious ways.

It is a working progress. I never really totally understood what faith was until I came on a mission.
I am really starting to understand what it means to trust the Saviour.
Sometimes it can be hard to have a trusting attitude when you aren’t seeing the results of your efforts, but it is a stretching experience. It is a good thing.

I love at the end of the day to get down on my knees and just pray.
That is one of the things I look forward to. That kneeling pray at the end of the day where I get to account for the efforts of the day and ask for specific blessing for specific people.
That is one of those trusting moments.
I trust that the Lord knows what efforts I have made and what blessings I am praying for others and myself.

Well I love you,
Trust in the Saviour and you will be happy

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi