Week #68

Hey there family,

Thank you so much for the emails and the kind words.

Elder Tromeur and I have been working hard talking to everyone, visiting members and the less motivated. We played the missionary game with a father of a family and he came up with tons of people he wants to share the Gospel with. It was super cool.

We worked side by side with the Elders Quorum President to visit to Elderly Women who have difficult health curcumstances.

Elder Tromeur and I speak French all the time except when we are in the apartment. We speak English inside the apartment so Elder Tromeur can practice his English. He speaks 4 languages. Italian, French, Spanish and English. This is extremely helpful because we meet tons of Spanish speakers in Geneva. I can say about 3 phrases in Spanish, it is fun.

We had an activity with the young men this week.
We taught them how to iron shirts and how to tie a tie.
We also shared a spiritual thought with them.
It was a lot of fun.
They always make me laugh.
I remember when it was difficult for me to iron a shirt and tie a tie.
It is second nature now and it brings back memories to watch them struggle.

We had our Zone Training Meeting this week with our Zone.
It was awesome to have the whole Zone there and to see everyone.
They are really extraordinary people and have many talents.

It is really funny because in this internet place I am in right now, they are playing really awesome Spanish/Latin music.

Well we hope to teach some really cool people this week.
We have a board game activity this Saturday that we are putting on for families.
All 4 wards here in Geneva are invited, so we hope to have a great activity and especially have lots of friends come.

I love you lots

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi