Week #69

Hey there family & Friends,

You are some pretty cool people I would have to say.

It is always fun to hear about what is going on in your lives.

It is really incredible to hear about all the amazing experiences Krystal is having on her mission.
She is awesome.
I pretty much cry every single week when I read her emails.

Elder Tromeur and I are continuing to talk to everyone.
We were very blessed this week to be able to teach quite a few lessons.
We have really cool members who without being asked, invite our friends who are at church to sit with them. It is really relieving to know our friends are being taken care of.

We were able to administer in many priesthood ordinances this week.
We serve a lot of members through out the week.

We visited a family where the children (a Brother and Sister) had both served missions.
I instantly thought of Krystal and I.
We asked to see their mission photos.
It was cool to see their emotions kick in as they spoke about their missions and the lives they were able to bless.

My colleague and I put on a ward activity this week.
It was a board game night.
We invited all the members to come with their favorite board game and a friend.
We are going to try and have simple monthly activities.
There are 4 wards here in Geneva so it should be pretty easy to rotate each month.

We have Zone Conference coming up this week.
It is always fun to go to Zone Conference.

I love you loads,
You are the best,

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi