Week #74

Hey there family and Friends,

This week we had 40 people at church.
We had the Stake President and his wife, our Mission President and his family, as well as the assistants.
We had a bunch of visitors who just showed up because they were on vacation. We had some families show up out of the blue and some members had their grand kids visiting as well.

So I have been called as the Branch President.
Elder Taua is my second councilor.
I was pretty nervous leading up to this but know I feel peaceful.

Elder Taua and I are having loads of fun still and are working hard.
It is just really cool to be serving here.
We are working amazingly with our members here. They are incredible.
We are consistently getting referrals from members and meeting them as well.

Studying this morning, ideas came to mind for the Branch, and it was really nice to have these ideas come so easily and so clearly.

We are actually in Lyon right now because we have a Zone Conference tomorrow. We will be in Lyon for 2 days.

We exercise every morning. We go for runs because it is just so beautiful outside. We have mountain trails right in our backyard. It is awesome.

I am really becoming French because I love my Bread and Cheese.
In Corsica we have amazing sausages, so I love eating that as well.
We have had some really nice traditional Corsican dishes.

I love you all
Thank you so much for your prayers, I get teary eyed knowing that you are praying for me

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi

Week #73

It is awesome here.
I have two angels as companions. President/Elder Gouttin and Elder Taua
We laugh a lot, work hard and pray a lot.
We are really working with members here.
This is what missionary work should be like.
We have already met and taught three people this week thanks to members.
We have two rendez-vous fixed for next week to meet two other referrals to teach them.
It is just wonderful here.
We visited 7 members this week and it is just wonderful.

I seriously am so blessed to have these two extraordinary elders as companions. We are just having the best time working together.
Elder Gouttin is still the Branch President and is going to be the new assistant. Because it is a stake calling he will be in Lyon still as the BP until he gets released by the Stake President.
We are working together as a team of three for just the first week and a half of this transfer.
I am not actually 100 percent sure if I will be the new branch president because it is a stake calling.

We have about 13 people who come to church every week but I know that they had 21 a couple weeks ago.
It is awesome. We are really just having a great time.
The members are awesome and they treat us like angels

The scenery is super super cool here.
Mountains, ocean, palm trees.
It is just really cool.

I do not have a lot of time today but I love you all loads

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi

Week #72

Hey there Everyone,

It is so incredible to hear from you all.

I feel so so so so blessed recently.
I feel so blessed to know that my sister has served an honorable full time mission.
I feel even more blessed to know that she has received peace and a knowledge that she did her best.

I have the coolest family ever.

I feel so blessed to know that Greg and Bobby made an amazing surprise visit for Krystal’s home coming. Why are we so blessed?

I feel so good recently.
I feel very very happy.

Well I have some really crazy news for you.
I am actually being transferred.
I am going to be going to…………………………………………………..The Island of Corsica.
I am being called as…………………………………………………………..The Branch President

For the moment, I am extremely excited.
I know there will be a lot of learning experiences and a lot of responsibility.
It is going to be so fun though.

I would love to see pictures Krystal, especially from stuff you are up to now.
Or little video clips would be awesome as well.

Well I love you all loads and you are the coolest ever.

Love Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi