Week #74

Hey there family and Friends,

This week we had 40 people at church.
We had the Stake President and his wife, our Mission President and his family, as well as the assistants.
We had a bunch of visitors who just showed up because they were on vacation. We had some families show up out of the blue and some members had their grand kids visiting as well.

So I have been called as the Branch President.
Elder Taua is my second councilor.
I was pretty nervous leading up to this but know I feel peaceful.

Elder Taua and I are having loads of fun still and are working hard.
It is just really cool to be serving here.
We are working amazingly with our members here. They are incredible.
We are consistently getting referrals from members and meeting them as well.

Studying this morning, ideas came to mind for the Branch, and it was really nice to have these ideas come so easily and so clearly.

We are actually in Lyon right now because we have a Zone Conference tomorrow. We will be in Lyon for 2 days.

We exercise every morning. We go for runs because it is just so beautiful outside. We have mountain trails right in our backyard. It is awesome.

I am really becoming French because I love my Bread and Cheese.
In Corsica we have amazing sausages, so I love eating that as well.
We have had some really nice traditional Corsican dishes.

I love you all
Thank you so much for your prayers, I get teary eyed knowing that you are praying for me

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi