Week #78

We had a pretty cool experience this week.
Elder Taua and I were knocking on doors one afternoon and he stops and says “can we pray?”. I said “of course.” We prayed together that we would find someone to teach while we were knocking on doors.
We continued for another 30 minutes or so when a nice man accepted for us to come into his home to teach him a lesson.
We asked him loads of questions to get to know him and we taught him a very simple but heartfelt lesson about the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.
We invited him to pray at the end and he accepted to pray right away.
He started “Dear heavenly father……………” he couldn’t continue because he was crying. He was so touched by the spirit that he was unable to say anything else. It was such a cool experience. We gave him a copy of The Book of Mormon as well.

This week we were able to teach a lesson in English.
We taught a professional soccer player.
He is super cool.
He told us that when he started playing soccer he didn’t even have shoes and now he is playing in the World Cup and having tons of success at age 23.
We had a member come teach with us and the spirit was very strong.
I quite enjoyed recounting the first vision in English and I really felt the spirit as I quoted Joseph Smith’s own words on his experience when he saw God the Father and Jesus Christ.

I can still remember clearly when I received a firm testimony of this most sacred event. It was at someone’s baptismal service when I was about 12 years old. A missionary at the time was asked to give a talk. He recounted Joseph Smith’s experience and as he did so the Holy Ghost bore witness to me. I felt every fiber of my being being filled with light. I remember feeling like I didn’t even have one ounce of darkness or evilness in me in that moment. I remember the feeling of warmth that came. I remember that in my mind I had a sure confidence of the truthfulness of that event. This all happened in the space of a couple of seconds.

I have had similar experiences on rare occasions.
I remember feeling those same feelings at the Temple Youth Celebration when we were celebrating the brand new Vancouver Temple.
I remember feeling that way when singing “we are as the army of Helaman……..and we will be the Lord’s missionaries to bring the world His truth” when I was 16 years old. I knew for a surety in that moment that I not only needed to serve a mission but had a strong desire to.
I remember receiving that feeling when singing “I believe in Christ” during my youth and knowing that Jesus is the Son of God and the Saviour.

This week I decided to up my study time of the Book of Mormon. In addition to my regular study of the scriptures, I have been reading the Book of Mormon during breakfast and before I go to bed each day. I can really see the peace it brings into my life. One of my favorite things to do as I read the Book of Mormon is to mark in red every time it speaks about Jesus Christ. I can truly testify that its pages contain a powerful testimony of Jesus Christ for that is the primary purpose of the Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus.

Well I love you all loads,
Read the Book of Mormon, it will seriously change your life.
Well to be more correct, it will lead you to Jesus Christ and He will change your life.

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi

Week #77

Hey there,

It is fun to hear that you were able to help the missionaries out this week.
It is so powerful to have a member there to teach with.
It must have brought memories back from when we were being taught as a family by the missionaries.

To gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon there are some key ingredients which are essential:
°read the Book of Mormon
°meditate upon the message it contains (it is all about the Saviour)
°pray: ask god with faith in Jesus Christ to know if it is true
°Sincere heart (sincerely want to know if it is true, you can show your sincerity by reading the Book of Mormon, keeping the commandments, praying about it, to show God you are making sincere efforts to know if it is true)
°Real Intent (means you really intend on acting after receiving an answer. for example, you really intend to follow the example of Jesus Christ and live His restored Gospel. For most people this would mean they really intent on living the first principles and ordinances of the Gospel, for example by being Baptized)

————Read MORONI 10:3-5 it is all in there—————————————-

This Sunday I set apart someone for the first time.
I set a brother apart as the Young Men’s President.
I also extended the calling for the role of the ward pianist.

Today during prep day, I was looking at a Liahona or Ensign in English, only about temples. There were tons of photos of temples. We had the Mormon tabernacle choir playing in the background and as I was looking at the photos, I felt the spirit strong. I miss going to the temple.

We have found a father of a family who is so so so so awesome. He is so awesome that I am so scared to mess it up by not teaching well and by not being a good missionary. I want him to be sealed in the temple so bad. He is just so cool.

There are times when I feel so blessed to have the restored Gospel in my life. I really have no idea how to express to people I meet each day just how wonderful it is to have the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I wish I could just share the feeling with them because words are really not enough.

Love you all,
Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi

Week #76

Thank you so much family for the uplifting words.

One of the things I am most grateful for, is that I have never ever doubted that you loved me. I really feel like I can share everything with you because I trust that you have my best interest in mind. You are the best family ever.

This week we had a super cool branch service project.
We had loads of fun helping out someone that we used to teach in her garden.
I also had 2 chances this week to help people do their genealogy.
It was pretty much the first time I had ever done it but I had loads of fun doing it. Genealogy is cool. BTW we need to get going on our Genealogy, it is super fun and important.

We had a super uplifting Sacrament meeting and the spirit was very strong. It is so important to have a strong spirit during the sacrament meeting

Well I love you all loads

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi

Week #75

Hey there family,

This week we did quite a few service projects.
We had a family of 3 move into the branch, so we went to help them unload the moving truck. It was really nice to have a bunch of members come to welcome them and help them move in.
We helped an older member paint her apartment, and that was a fun service project as well.

We had our first Branch Presidency meeting and we will be having our first Branch council this week.
I have been thinking recently about extending callings to certain people; it is really a brand new experience.

We had a pretty cool miracle this week.
While we were knocking on doors, we entered into a home with a very sick lady. Her friend had opened the door and invited us in. When we entered the living room, we found the lady confined to a bed. We introduced ourselves and she was more than happy to receive us. We prayed and shared a message with her. She started crying and was very grateful. She said it was a miracle that we were sent to find her. We showered her with love and kindness and told her that her Heavenly Father loves her very much. We gave her a blessing and she cried again. She tried to offer things to us but we kept on explaining that we were here to serve and needed nothing. It was incredible to see how Heavenly Father takes care of His children. This humble lady was so grateful for our visit and I know she felt loved.

We had a really cool experience at Family Home evening at the church. 2 members brought a friend each. During our lesson one of the friends starting crying and expressed his gratitude. The spirit was so incredibly strong during our lesson. We really felt like the Holy Ghost was leading us the whole way through. We invited both of the friends to receive the missionary lessons and we taught one of them the next day.

Well I love you all loads

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi