Week #79

This week I had another strong strong impression about the importance of family. We were teaching a part member family this week in their beautiful home. The mom and Dad are in their 60’s and their son is about 40 years old. As we were teaching the mom and dad, we could see the love that they have for their family. We could feel the gentleness and kindness that they have for one another after 40 years of marriage. They extended such love and warmth to us as well. As I was sitting there with this beautiful Elderly couple and feeling all these feelings at once, I really really felt the importance of family. What I was experiencing was true joy and peace. It comes from being loved and loving others. That is what the family is all about. I really believe that heaven is a continuation of an ideal home. Our homes can be heaven on earth. And how do we do that you may ask? Have family and home life centered on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is really hard to describe my feelings on the subject in words but all I can say is that Family Life has the potential to be the happiest, most wonderful thing ever!!!!!!! Needless to say, I am super excited for when I can be back with you all, enjoying a awesome Saturday night around the Kitchen table eating pancakes and playing Monopoly. That seems like paradise to me.

On that note let me leave you with a paraphrase of what my Mission President always says.
If you want to be happy, learn what the Saviour said and do it. Every commandment is an opportunity to become someone who loves unconditionally.
MATT 22:36-40

Love you all

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi