Week #80

Thank you so much for your wonderful emails.
I really appreciate you sharing your conversion stories with me.

This week we had many occasions to share Joseph Smith’s first version with people.
It is always incredible to share it with people because the spirit is so strong.
I can tell that these people are feeling the spirit as we share word for word what happened when he went to pray in the grove of trees.
They usually say things like “wow I felt really warm inside as you spoke”, or “that is a beautiful story”. It is super fun to share it with people.

This week we put on two activities.
We had a Board game night which was super fun and we also put on a fireside in honor of one of our members who is leaving the island of Corsica.
We filmed the members giving their thanks to her and we showed all the clips at the fireside. She didn’t know the fireside was in her honor and she was so touched.
We had her good friend give a talk and I sang a musical number.
Their were a lot of members who came to the fireside to show their appreciation to her.
I felt a sweet spirit telling me that Heavenly Father was greatly pleased with the love we had shown to one of his precious daughters.

I am currently in Lyon for the next 2 days because a 70 is coming to our mission and he will be speaking tomorrow to us missionaries. The assistants have asked me to sing for the Mission Conference.

Thank you so much again for sending me your conversion stories, It is really beautiful and I am very grateful for Our Missionaries and for you two having accepted the missionaries. You are the best. I love you loads.

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi