Week #81

This week we went to Lyon for about 2 days.

We had a visit from our Area 70, Elder Richards.
It was wonderful.
He taught with such a strong spirit.
I could have listened to him teach all day long.
I wish he would have taught us all day long.

I was able to sing a special musical number “How great thou art”
It was a beautiful arrangement and the Sister missionary who played the piano was very very talented. I am very grateful for music and for the blessing it is in our lives.

Elder Richards explained so clearly that we, as missionaries, need to teach way way way more simpler. He used scriptures to explain his point in ways that I have never understood before. It was so incredible. He said that we need to ask inspired questions to see if they understood what we had taught. If they didn’t understand, we have to re-explain. It is hard to explain in this email how clearly he explained this to us. It was just wonderful and I felt really really enlightened. He also explained to us that we need to do daily follow-ups with the people we are teaching. It was so clear and simple the way he explained things to us. I really wish we could just take him with us to teach, so we could watch him in action.

Right after the conference we applied what he had taught us. We have been focusing our studies on teaching simpler and with inspired questions. We have been making daily follow-up with the people we teach.

It was really great to be in Lyon with about 100 missionaries. We really live on an island because there are tons of people I have never met before. Before I knew all the missionaries by name. I love missionaries, especially the ones who have just arrived. They are really some of the coolest people I have ever met.

Well I love you all loads,

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi