Week #84

Hey there,

So first off, the family loved your letter Krystal. They laughed a lot as they read it. Thank you so much for being so awesome and sending them the letter. They said that your language skills are incredible.

Mom I am excited to watch you play in the band in the future. If not you can just play me a super awesome solo.

It is getting hotter and hotter her. I like it!!!!!!
It is sometimes hard to sleep though but we are getting used to it.

This Sunday I had an interesting experience. I did a recommend interview for the first time. It was a great experience. Luckily, it was a fast Sunday, so I felt extra prepared.

We are really blessed here, to be able to teach this wonderful family in a member’s home, for each lesson. They really can see and feel the difference between our member’s home and the outside world. They tell her how peaceful it is and how happy they are to come to her home every time. They joked once and said they wanted us to teach them 2x a day.

My companion is really awesome.
He is very joyful and it makes me happy to know he is happy.

I feel very blessed to have such amazing friends and family.
I really feel so richly blessed to feel so much love from you.

I love you all loads

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi