Week #85

Hi there,

So I pretty much perspire all the time. It is normally about 30° all the time if not hotter at certain points of the day. The sun is always shinning. We are getting pretty tanned and I have a really awesome farmer’s tan.
We continue to run every morning and it feels great to start the day off in the fresh air.

This week we had many visitors at church who are here on vacation. This coming Sunday is our Branch conference and we are going to have tons of people at church. The Stake Presidency will be here as well as other stake leaders. We have 2 families who are visiting on vacation and all the members from the other side of the island will be attending as well. It will be a full house.

We have been having some difficulties teaching our miracle family due to the extensive work of the father. He recently has been working on Sunday as well. We continue to keep contact daily though and follow up on their reading and prayers. They pray morning and evening as a family and alone. They are awesome.

We were able to teach a pure Corsican this week. It was really a great experience. I could tell that certain experiences in his life had opened him up to the Gospel and other experiences he had closed him to the gospel. We just need to focus on the positive experiences then.

Had a wonderful contact with a young lady in the road. We love teaching the first vision in street contacts. It feels more like we are teaching all the time that way, even if we are just talking to people on the street.

We will be going to Lyon this week for Zone conference and interviews.
I received some exciting news from some of my former missionary colleague and I am grateful that they spent the time to contact me and let me know how life is after the mission.

I love you all loads.
I feel so blessed to have the best family and friends ever.

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi