Week #86

This week we had 2 conferences.

We had Zone Conference in Lyon, which was awesome and we had our Branch Conference in Corsica.

There were 44 people at church this Sunday, which I think is the most we have ever had. It was powerful as we all sang.
I gave a very short talk about faith in Jesus Christ.
Using Matt 8:23-27 I spoke about how the apostles were scared because of the storm. I explained that even though they had seen The Saviour perform miracles in the past, they were amazed at how the winds and the seas obeyed his voice. They didn’t fully understand who He was. They didn’t fully understand what power He has. I think we are like the apostles. We are afraid and worried but I think it is because we really do not understand exactly who Jesus Christ is. We really do not understand just how powerful, merciful and wonderful He is. We need to trust Him. I love the fact that even though His apostles did not fully understand who He is, he was merciful and always helped them, even if they were of little faith at times. I am grateful for His mercy and love.

It is difficult to explain in writing but I think you understand what I mean through this experience from the life of the Saviour.

Well I love you all loads,

Trust the Saviour

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi