Week #87

We had some cool experiences this week with the miracle family.

As we were teaching them at a member’s house, the Dad starts whipping out scriptures from the Book of Mormon and explains things that most people do not even know about. He was like “while I was reading the Book of Mormon, I compared it to what was written in the old testament and I learned that the Stick of Joseph and Judah is the Bible and the Book of Mormon.” He is incredible this man. He understands the scriptures so well. Later in the same rendez-vous he shared with us Moroni 10:32. He said that when he read this, he finally understood that he needs to come unto Christ and that Jesus is ready to receive him with open arms. It is so incredible. He finds all the answers to his questions by himself as he studies the scriptures. They continue to read and pray as a family everyday. They walked for an hour to come to church again and they are always the first ones there. They were 45 minutes early. Then the dad came with us to go teach another non-member family. He explained things so simply and powerfully and invited this family to read the Book of Mormon. He explained how the Book of Mormon and the Bible go hand in hand. It was so cool to have him come teach with us.

This week at church we had 5 amis attend. The members and amis are really well integrated and it is a great blessing. It was extra hot this Sunday. It was about 35°/36°. I really enjoy the heat but it can be difficult to sleep sometimes.

Contacting has become more enjoyable then normal. I really try to view each contact as a lesson. I understand what it really means to teach as you find.

Well I love you all loads,

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi