Week #90

Hey there,

I am doing really well.
My bite marks are completely fine and scabbed over.
My shoulder is getting stronger and stronger and I am able to use it more and more. I have an appointment with a doctor in a couple of weeks when he gets back from vacation.

So I am not 100% sure but I think I either ripped or did something to the ligaments in my shoulder which then displaced 3 bones. I didn’t fracture or break anything but I think it is the ligaments that is the problem. I will get more info with my next appointment with the doctor.

I am opened to providing music at our home for a fundraiser, no problem.

As for more important things.
We have 5 amis coming to church regularly.
Our members are so incredible with integrating and bringing them to church.
All 5 of our amis are either brought to church by a member or travel together by foot or bus with a member.
Our amis are really awesome with reading from the Book of Mormon.
We had a really cool family home evening last week with our amis and our members. We were on the port next to the Mediterranean and we read about Jesus Christ calling His disciples while they were fishing. It was a really cool atmosphere to have a family home evening.
Tonight we will be doing the same thing but we will also have a BBQ. It was the idea of one of our amis to have the BB this week.
I must say it is so wonderful to have our amis become the amis of the members here. It brings me peace to know that they are really really well integrated with the members and they are friends.

Fun news, a young married couple moved into our branch this week.
They are from Tahiti and are so lovely.
We are very excited to have them here.

We had a fun experience yesterday while knocking on doors. In one apartment building we taught two lessons and fixed a rendez-vous with a third person for this week. It was a very fruitful apartment building.

Sunday was lovely.
We had 30 people attend.
It was so wonderful to have such wonderful music with 30 people singing.
I gave a talk about Charity which I enjoyed preparing as well.
We had a couple families who are on vacation here that will be with us next week as well.
We love receiving visitors here.

Well I love you all loads,

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi