Week #97

We are greatly blessed,

We are seeing so many miracles with our amis.

Our ami without a Christian background has completely changed this week.
He understands everything now and it all makes sense to him.
I think that angels have been whispering in his ear in between our lessons.
He has began to love the Book of Mormon and he is eating it up.
He told us this “I am having a lot of hard things right now but it is so bizarre because I feel so happy.” “It’s weird, I feel so happy.”
He has completely changed. We taught him that one of the promises we make when we are baptised is to serve others. Well this week he has been serving everyone and with a big smile. It is really amazing to see his life changing. He is filled with joy and confidence now.

Our “miracle lady” continues to be the most wonderful experience ever. She has so much faith it is incredible. She is such a miracle. We wanted to prepare her for conference so we showed her a picture of President Monson. She told us “I know him. I have seen him in a dream before I met you” ” He helped me.” It is just so amazing!!!! Every single visit she keeps on flooring us by how prepared she is and how much a miracle she is. We did another family home evening with the family and her son told me he wants to stop smoking. I told him that we could pray together so he could stop. He said “I know if I pray with faith, I can do it”. Our “miracle lady” is super excited about the temple. She wants to do temple work for her family. She was like, “I had always wondered about that in the bible, it is so clear now.” She is really excited about her baptism. She loved General Conference as well.

We are seeing a lot of sincere progress in another one of our amis.
We can see that she is making a sincere effort to be humble.
It is just wonderful to see our prayers being answered.

We are going to my last Zone Conference this week.
It is going to be wonderful to be reunited with other missionaries.

Elder Johnson is an angel and we are having a blast together.

Love you all loads

Elder Ioannidis

By Robert Suranyi